Thursday, November 5, 2009

Perth Trip Oct 2009: Day 5

Day 5: 19 Oct 09

Drove 2hrs up towards Lancelin Sand Dunes for some sand-boarding experience. we were the only people at the sand-boarding area. got the whole place to ourselves. yeehaa!! sand-boarding was fun. going down the massive 45 degree angle dunes was uber-fun! going up is no uber-fun. penat gile nak mendaki bukit pasir halus tuh. a warning to all of you who plan to do this activity. when going down the slope, try not to scream your heart out (read: open your mouth too wide). else, all the sands will be flying right into your mouth. free-free je makan pasir.

then, we went for fish n chip lunch at local restaurant. Lancelin is kind of dead town during the weekdays. but i bet on weekends, the town will be full of crowd.

after enjoying our day at the sandy area, we went back to our apartment and get ready for dinner. dinner at Conca’s cafe. yummylicious chilli mussels with seafood pasta, margarita cheese pizza and garlic bread. a must-try menu at this restaurant is the chilli mussels. sangat syok sampai aku carik resipi utk buat chilli mussels di rumah haha.

then we went up to King’s Park for some night photography action pack. it was freezing cold and i almost had a brilliant idea to just ditch the session hehe. but boy i was glad i joined the rest of the group. night view from King’s Park is awesome!!

went back to our apartment and headed straight to bed. letih seharian main pasir!

Day 6: 20 Oct 09

Our Air Asia X flight back to KUL is at 6:30AM in the morning. sayonara Perth! i will surely gonna miss you!

this is our ride for the entire Perth trip. loves it and am thinking of getting one haha

spaghetti with mussels in tomato sauce
chilli mussels & cheese pizza

ok this is it from me on the Perth trip report. frankly speaking, i am hoping to come back to Perth one day. some day.

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