Friday, November 20, 2009

have you heard/read about dabbawalla?

i was first introduced to the word dabbawalla by a trainer in a training that i went yesterday. he roughly explained the business of dabbawalla and how great they perform everyday without any mistake. anyone of you have heard/read about dabbawalla? if i'm not mistaken, a documentary about them was done by BBC some years ago.

in Hindi, dabba means lunch box and walla means person. hence, dabbawalla means lunch box person. a dabbawalla is a person in Mumbai who works in a very unique organization or service industry whose primary business is delivering freshly cook lunch in a lunch box at customers (mainly office goers) at their doorsteps on time.this service was originated way back in the 1880. in 1956, a charitable trust was registered under the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust.

transportation use by the dabbawallas to deliver the dabbas include train, bicycle, and even walking. the service is uninterrupted even on the days of extreme weather, such as Mumbai's characteristic monsoons

according to a recent survey, there is only one mistake in every 6,000,000 deliveries. which if you know, equivalent to a Six Sigma rating!! and to add to the wow-some, no advance technology is used in the service except for coding system. wow!! even Microsoft is amazed with their system.

ok i'm still amazed by the fact how they manage their organization without fail and could do better than a Six Sigma rating!!

go search for dabbawalla and you'll learn more about them. or go find the BBC documentary on them.

A dabbawalla in action

the coding system 

the process flow

last 2 pictures credit to Infinite Information

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