Thursday, November 12, 2009

(An)Other Weekend Getaway

will be attending rahmah-chan's wedding this weekend at Jengka, Pahang. and we will spend the night at Cherating. orang kate sambil menyelam minum air la kan. wedding pon dapat attend. bercuti pon dapat. hehe.

hubby and i are not familiar with the east coast. and since the last time i was in Cherating was more than 15yrs ago, i have no idea of what to expect. ok a few questions:
1. how long is the journey from KL - Jengka?
2. how far is Cherating from Jengka?
3. what to do in Cherating?
4. which road to take? the karak highway, then??

and since this is the first time we will drive our cute-sy myvi for a long journey, i was a bit sceptical. if honda city, i'm very sure it will definitely be a smooth run. but with myvi, boleh ke die daki highway karak tu? haha...ok nisa, pls have faith in your cute-sy myvi. pretty pls!

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