Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Planning our Perth-fect escape: Part V

okeh...2 more days before i set foot in Perth. let's see what i've prepared so far.

1. passport - checked! both still valid until 2012.wee~~
2. visa - checked!
3. travel book - alamak, not yet bought!
4. car rental - checked! nissan tiida baybeh!!
5. apt rental - checked! tq angah!
6. travel itinerary - checked! again tq angah!
7. packing - checked! awal btol kami pack. excited ler...
8. olay angah - alamak, not yet bought!
9. (junk)food - no need as angah said she will prepare everything. wee~~
10. camera - checked!
11. charger - checked! (camera+h/p)
12. AU dollar - checked! jenuh round klang valley to get the best rate.

hmm...what else ek? believe it or not we will travel with only the 45L deuter back, hubby's pouch & my bulky handbag. that's all the barang2 that we will bring for 1 week. oh very the light travel i tell u! kitorg mmg style travel light with minimum barang. and we travel for sightseeing and ber cam-whore. we don't travel for shopping. hence, limited budget suits us well hehe.

oh yeah dearest dad made a last minute plan and will join us from Sat - Tues. yeay!! mentang-mentang la keje ngan syarikat penerbangan itu. seronok btol abah nih! unfortunately mom has to postpone her trip due to her budget schedule. bummer!!


  1. thanx kak tuty!! :)
    saya plak jeles kak tuty dah ade 2 cute sons hehe :)