Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Planning our Perth-fect escape: Part II

ok, this should be a good start for our planning. listing down all the places of interest that's available in Perth in no specific order. dunno if we will be able to visit all of these places. what's with the limited budget and time *oh i need more money!!* i somehow forgot that lil sis is there waiting for us. i should pass the planning job to her instead as she is more familiar with what-to-do activities there. alas, she is very busy with her school. hence, the planning baton is passed to us.

so anyway, enjoy the pictures which soon will be replaced by pictures taken by us hahaha...

Rottnest Island
Hillary's Boat Harbour
Sandboarding @ Lancelin
Margaret River Chocolate Factory
Aquarium of Western Australia
Caversham Wildlife Park
King's Park
Swan River
City of Perth

Murdoch University

oh this last place is my ultimate aim haha. mane tau ade rezeki boleh sambung belajar kan. kene la amek berkat kawasan tu dulu.

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  1. hahaha...well, in the end, there wasnt much to do in perth, it was pretty much lepak lepak santai2 but it was fun! wish i could go there again. u can check out my blog for some ideas on where to go, cik. have fun!!

  2. kak farina, i did check ur perth entries out some times ago (and still doing it for reference hehe) and had some rough ideas on what to do while in perth ;)

  3. maybe boleh singgah tgk onebuckshort perform kat