Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Planning our Perth-fect escape: Part I

so, how was everyone's weekend? mine was full of attending wedding & open house invitations. since last year we didn't get a chance to attend any due to our still-in-the-honeymoon period in which we were so busy attending to each other instead of attending to other people ;) this year we made it to almost all the invitations but some we had to skip due to limited time. sorry! oh and i get to meet my old time primary school friend! the last time we met each other was when we were in standard six. can u believe that? tapi sedih no pic was taken :(

okay now move on to the Perth-fect getaway. as of writing this, i'm so freaking out because we have nothing planned yet for the Perth getaway. no hotel reservation yet. no activities plan yet. no visa application yet. visa has been approved in no time. yeay! nothing is ever done except buying the Deuter Act Lite 45+10 SL backpack and visa application. and i just found out Oct is actually peak season in Perth. so u can expect all the hotels/apartments pricey will shoot up *dush* our current plan is to book hotel for 1 nite 1st. after arriving and scouting around, then we will decide our next place to crash at nite. will it be a save thing to do that? *crossing my fingers* takut all the places will be fully booked plak nanti. we have listed down places of interest but we haven't organize the itinerary yet. adeh, sempat ke nak plan in a short period of time neh??

pergh...so freak out until i do not know what else to write. despite all the kecoh-kecoh for Perth-fect getaway, hubby and i actually have our plan laid out for Nov getaway @ Cherating haha bole tak? rahmah-chan, will see u looking more gorgeous than ever come Nov ek :) congratulations in advance!

ok la...will continue in Part II. ciao fellas! mlm ni ade open house invitation @ banting plak

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