Friday, October 23, 2009

Perth Trip Oct 2009: Day 3

Day 3: 17 Oct 2009

1st stop: Fremantle Markets. the market is divided into 2 sections, the fresh items sections where you can find different types of fruits & foods, and the art & culture section where you can find souvenirs and items from different background and culture. but please do check out the market’s trading hours before you come.

2nd stop: we stroll along the Fremantle area and came upon San Churro’s. my sis suggested that we tried San Churro’s yummy churros (spanish doughnuts) with caramel & chocolate dip. oh so yummy! why la everything has to be yummy in Perth?
the churros

3rd stop: then off we went to E-Shed to buy some souvenirs & gifts. here you can find a large variety of market products and souvenirs, a selection of local fine art work and crafts. the international food court provides fine Australian and Asian foods, including a licensed bar, coffee shops, juice bars, ice-cream parlours, bakery, fresh produce stalls and restaurants. my sis had earlier advised me to which shop we should do our shopping as these 2 shops are the only one that provides good price. they situated next to each other. shop #1 is owned by Indonesian and shop #2 is owned by Singaporean. opss I really forgot the name of the shops. btw E-Shed is only open from Friday – Sunday.

4th stop: for lunch, we had the option to either dine-in at Kaili’s or Cicerello’s. Kaili’s is dubt as the multi-award winning tourist restaurant while Cicerello’s claims they are the original and still the best :) We chose Cicerello’s instead as the price is lower than Kaili’s. the best thing about restaurants in Australia is that after you have placed your order, the cashier will give you a food pager. you are required to take a seat first until the pager rings which indicates your food is ready to be collected at the service counter. isn’t that great? malaysia should copy this style i tell u!
the pager

5th stop: we went to pick up abah at the airport. then to Barrack Square Jetty to buy the ferry tickets to Rottnest Island. after settled all the payment, we went to Charcoal Chicken Express Cafe at Albany Hwy for dinner. we had the oh-so-delicious lamb rib and cream potato that hubby has been craving for years (ok exaggerate!). we even brought back 3 packs of the lamb rib to Malaysia haha. tak tipu ok! the lamb rib is to die for!! *slurpp* oh this is another restaurant that provides halal meats.
Barrack Square Jetty

end of day 3.

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