Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perth Trip Oct 2009: Day 2

Day 2: 16 Oct 2009
Woke up very early in the morning around 5:30AM and prepared sandwiches for our wildlife trip. Went to airport to pick up lynn (angah’s friend) and off we went towards the Swan Valley area.

1st stop: Caversham Wildlife Park, where the main attractions are kangaroo, koala, wombat and Molly’s Farm. Entrance fee is AUD22 for adult. We fed the kangaroo and their joeys (baby kangaroo is called joey by the australians btw). We got to touch the koala. We got to snap a picture with the wombat (and her yummy-licious caretaker), who keeps on chewing her food while asleep. and sesuka hati kencing and berak di khalayak ramai. dasar pemalas btol! we got to watch the fun actions at Molly’s farm. camel ride, sheep shearing, whip cracking, cow milking, swing a billy etc. a place you should visit while you are in Perth! oh i came upon this super nice choc honeycomb supa shake!! sampai skang mesti terliur when thinking about it. *slurpp*
sheep shearing
swing a billy

guinea pig & rabbit
kangaroo & the joeyssleeping koala
choc honeycomb supa shake!!

2nd stop: Margaret River Chocolate Company. wide variety of chocolates available here for dine-in or take away. visitors got to enjoy the free sampling of chocolates. the company also provided a small peek-a-boo window where visitors can see the chocolate making process. here you will find the world’s best iced chocolate drink :) try it and you will never regret it.
3rd stop: Abingdon Miniature Village at Mandurah. a privately owned stunning landscaped gardens where you can find miniatures of historic buildings from UK. this 2-acres garden has proved to be an enchanted wonderland for adults & children alike. wide varieties of colorful flowers are bred here. A 1000m² hedge maze, circular maze, model train town, 12-hole mini golf, secret garden, lakes, water features, picnic, playground & BBQ areas are some of the many experiences that this place will provide.

we had our lunch-dinner at Little Caesars Pizzeria, Mundaring. it is a pizza restaurant which has won few international awards. check here for the list of awards won by the owner of the restaurant. margarita cheese pizza, tuna pizza, and seafood pizza was what we had, including the mouth-watering dessert, the Eskimo-Joe. yummeyh!!

end of day 2

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