Monday, October 12, 2009

FMM Kuala Langat Futsal Tournament 2009

Activity: FMM* Kuala Langat Futsal Tournament 2009
Date: 11 Oct 09
Venue: Sports Arena, Sg Udang, Klang

and so the factory sent out 2 men's teams and 1 women's team for this year's futsal tournament. the event was organized by Emery Oleochemical. unfortunately, both men's teams didn't qualify for the semi-final round. but i heard the women's team did great. yerp, I didn't stay until the last minute as hubby was too tired.
my salute goes to all the players who have to work the night before until 7am sunday morning and straight went into the futsal arena. bravo!!
surely korang main dengan pening2 kepala hahaha....

these 2 pictures below are my BIL's sons. who patiently wait until 12pm for the dad, the uncles, and even the grand dad to finish their games haha...

*FMM = Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

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