Saturday, August 22, 2009

Want something different for your Hari Raya?

Why not pre-order your Australian Rock Candy. Specially imported from Australia just for you. Very suitable to replace your common 'kuih raya'. Colorful, delicious and tasty candy that surely will ROCK your Hari Raya!!! Just imagine all the kids' faces when they see these cute candies on your table :)

These delicious rock candy comes in 2 versions:

1. "I Love U" rock candy - strawberry flavor
2. "Rocky Mix" rock candy - fruity flavor
Come and place your pre-order rock candy here.
Or you can directly contact me at 012-6241443 or to place your order.

Rock candy will be available starting early of Sept.

"Rocky Mix" : RM 25.00 for 100g
"I Love U" : RM 25.00 for 100g
****Above is in normal plastic packaging****

"I Love U" rock candy
"Rocky Mix" rock candy


  1. wah...rocky fav..hehe :)

  2. kalo letak kat umah mase raya..confirm ini yang paling laku kan hehe :)

  3. aaaaaaaahhhhh rock my raya ni..
    waaaah nisa, bukan main lagi skg bisnes online ..hihi

  4. yang ni membantu orang sekadar yang mampu hehe
    arini tolong promote biz org...esok luse mane tau dpt pertolongan plak :)
    keep on rocking dey!!