Monday, July 6, 2009

the unthinkable

hubby and i did the unthinkable thing last nite. without prior discussion nor plan, we bought 2 air tix to perth haha. seriously i was very scared to book the tix ok. in less than 24hr trus dah beli ok! i was surfing air asia website when i suddenly tried the perth route. and it costs us rm1.2k return for 2 pax. do we have the money? i dun think so. but nevertheless, we don't want to miss this opportunity. so we just grab it. money for accommodation, food, travel? nada ok!. so now we hv to work hard to gain more $$$ hehe. seb baik my lil sis still in perth. maybe crash at her crib la kot. oh my, i'm still in shock while writing this. am i going to perth soon? for real?? ahhh...syoknye!

so now hv to plan our travel for 6D5N. every places that we will go if possible should be zero-entrance fee hehe. hubby said, kite gi la uni angah, taman bunga, market hehe. food...ah my sis ade bole tolong masakkan hehe. transport...well we will settle with her car. shopping...maybe next time kot. ahh...can't wait for october to come!

p/s: dah lame dah plan nak ke its either tix terlalu mahal or takde cuti panjang...but this time tix is quite cheap and i don't have to take extra leave. wee~~
p/s: org pelik mane kami dpt duit slalu berjln...truth is, we nvr think about the $$$ problem. all we think about is the time spend with each other. tak cukup $$$ kalo, sendiri pandai survive la hehe.


  1. sementara belum ada other commitment (eg: small baby), buatlah selalu. hahaha seriously i agree with wht you did :P.. sbb kalau fikir lama2 sgt, takkan book punya kan?

    have fun!!