Sunday, July 12, 2009

this is sick!

i was browsing thru my FB when i came upon this story right here. so i google-ed her name and found a few write-ups about her story here, here, here and here. i am (and still) in disbelieve to have read about the news. tonnes and tonnes of comments contributed from people all around the world on this story. some linked it to racism while others see it in a totally different view.

let's put aside the fact that Marwa is a muslim wearing hijab and resided in Germany. let's look at this story this way: Marwa is simply a woman; a 4-month pregnant woman to be exact, a mother to a 3-year old son and a lovely wife to a devoted husband. ok, now you get a clear picture, right?

now move on to the case. she dragged her neighbor to the court of justice due to the improper name-calling made by the neighbor. she is just simply claiming her rights as a human being. while making her stands in the court of justice, the neighbor suddenly rushed towards her and stabbed her to death. not once. not twice. but 18 times!! nobody tried to intervene. the husband tried to stop the neighbor. he was also attacked. when finally the police came into the hall, they choses to open fire towards the husband. not the accuser! and this all happened in front of the 3-year old son. to make things all happened in the court of justice! unbelievable? believe it.

why didn't the bystanders do anything to help her? are they all stunned with the incident until nobody could even move a finger or two?

18 stabs?? that clearly shows a sign of rages, anger, furious etc etc.

oh my...i'm just sick of the phsycho!!!

may Marwa rest in peace, inshaallah

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