Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our own sweet version of 'me' time

hubby and i decided to have our own 'me' time yesterday. not the whole day tho. only half. sigh...i'm a sucker when it comes to doing things separately from him hehe. so, after we paid a colleague of ours a visit to his new home and 'kenduri kesyukuran', su and i headed straight to Jln TAR. for shopping of course hehe. i got my fix of beads and a 2-meter chiffon for rm10. yeay! sent my yet another set of baju raya to Cassimi. lucky me Dee still wants to accept my order. oh thank you abah (FIL) for the batek material from Yogjakarta!

while su and i were having our gala time going back and forth of Jln TAR, hubby just sat at home concentrating on improving his football game. no, not the
run-and-kick-the-ball-until-you-sweat kind of thing. the Wii football game. where you sit all day long in front of the tv clicking the up and down button, you know? hehe. sigh...boys will always be boys, don't they?

nevertheless...still love u to death, darl! like a lot tau!

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