Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm a happy bee...

before i was someone's fiancée, my waist size barely reach 24". so i used to wear US size 13 (girls' size) jeans. size 13 is equivalent to the waist size of 26". that was in Jun 2007 and before. oh yeah i was that thin ok!

when i was someone's fiancée, my waist size increased to 27" or 28" errkkk!!! i blamed my dearest fiancé who loved to treat me big dinner hehe. i had to buy new jeans just to fit my big waist.

and when i became someone's wife, my waist size increased to 30" double errkk!!! again i blamed my now dearest hubby who loved to treat me big dinner :) and again i had to buy a new pair of jeans. this time just to fit my gigantic waist!!

so i've been doing something to shed my weigt away. i'm now in my 3rd week of the weight loss regime. and yesterday, i suddenly had the courage to rampage thru my suitcase in the store which stored my anak-dara clothing. i took out my US size 13 (girls' size) jeans as mentioned above just to give it a go. i'm happily and cowardly and slowly put the jeans on.

and guess what?? i can fit into my anak-dara jeans y'all!!! that jeans was bought like 6 years ago while i'm still in the states. Yesss!!! i'm a happy bee after all...and i know hubby has been waiting for this moment for almost two years hehe...

bought in Winter 05 at NY

Extra Reading: US Standard Clothing Size

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