Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dishonesty sucks!!

i received a forwarded email today from one of the colleague saying something like the denmark people will be going to burn the Holy Qoran this Saturday. you can google this keyword: denmark burn holy qoran, to get the whole story of it. anyway, i was a bit skeptical when it comes to forwarded msg or emails. so i take the matters into my own hands and did some research to find the truth. alas! the story surfaced in Feb 2006. and people are still forwarding the chain email. Oh my God! Please lah some research before you start spreading some dishonesty. what if this forwarded email came into the hand of a Dannish? and he started to gather all his people and declare war on Muslims just because of this stupid forwarded email.

Think people! Think!!!

Here we are claiming other people as bad and whatnot when we ourselves are simply being the bad bad apples!! We have the technology. Use it to the fullest people!! Baka!!


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