Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Desirable Encounter with Shimmering Flora

I always admire her works especially the ever famous shimmering flora. Everyday i will give her blog a visit or two without fail, waiting for her new design. One day, i finally decided to brave myself in joining her class. Turns out the class will be the last one before Hari Raya. Oh i am so lucky to catch her last class. There were about 12 of us who attended her 1-day beading class last Saturday at Tmn. Putra Perdana. Hubby was kind enough to be my driver to and from the class. Thanks dear for your endless support. I arrived 30mins late, thinking that the class won’t start until at least it is 9:30AM. Boy i was wrong. Everyone else was on time except me and a few more students. So i missed the earlier part of the class, the theory. But thank God, she was kind enough to go through the theory once again at the end of the class. There were about 20 designs that was taught in the class, including her shimmering flora. 9:30AM to 6:30PM felt like a short time for me. I learnt a lot from her class compared to my first class.

Some of the tips given by her:
1. use four layers of thread instead of the normal two layers. this will make the beads more sturdy. quite a challenge to insert the thread to the needle for a first timer.
2. use ‘kertas gam’ whenever you are going to sew beads on soft material such as chiffon, silk etc.
3. ‘pinch’ the cloth before you start your beading. this will make sure the beads will be in place.

Food provided was awesome i felt like eating more than 1 time but sadly i’m on diet haha. The sardine currypuff during evening tea session is verry yummy i can still remember the delicious taste up til today.

Oh yeah, Kak Zai was also there with her mobile beadshop hehe. She contributed three sets of different type of beads as lucky draw prizes, by which one of it won by me. Yeay! But the catch of the day would be Kak Nora’s beadwork material, which Jun the pregnant stewardess happily brought home with. Ahh jealous!!

To Kak Nora, thank you so much for your guidance. I gained a lot from you.
To Kak Lily the assistant, thank you so much for all your help and patience.

To everyone else from the class, nice meeting you guys!

Here is my piece of artwork for your viewing pleasure.

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