Wednesday, July 29, 2009


this is something that i would like to share with the world.

i'm very blessed to be with someone who loves observation so much he learnt most of the female things just by doing observation on his surrounding. he came out with different theories of women i think if he ever wanted to write a book, it will be a hit. i kid you not!

yesterday, he told me this. women loves attention so much. attention-seekers. yeah i already know that. i mean, c'mon i'm a woman after all. then he related the theory to a situation. a situation that i can understand and is really happening around me currently. see, he will always relates things with current condition/situation to prove that his theory is workable.

he then told me this. the only thing for us married women to not accidently fall in love with our own colleagues (and subsequently ruin our own marriage) is to ignore the attention. will that be hard?

i will surely keep this tips in mind.

p/s: i wrote this entry on 21/7...already hit the publish button. then i decided to save it as draft only. then i re-decided to put it to public.

no, we are not dreading away. in fact we build strength in each other every single day

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