Friday, July 31, 2009

life time warranty

zaman dedulu sebelum kenal hubby, banyak sgt benda2 teknikal yang aku agak lemau sket hehe. bile tengok aje ade kedai yang offer ‘life time warranty’, mesti hati melonjak gembira dan teruja untuk membeli-belah di kedai tersebut. sape taknak kan ‘life time warranty’. you can just drop by anytime at the shop kalo your purchased product is broken. covers life time maa...meaning forever. or at least that was what i thought at that time hehe.

turns out ‘life time warranty’tu maksudnya product itu akan dicover selagi kilang menghasilkan product itu. take for example, a 1GB thumb drive v1 comes with lifetime warranty. you bought it today. next month, the kilang produces another 1GB thumb drive. this time v2. so automatically your earlier thumb drive if anything happens to it, no warranty coverage lorrr because no more in the production. you get what i meant?
Lifetime warranty is for replacement of like items only. Lifetime warranty does not cover items out of production if {"the company"} no longer stocks them. This warranty is valid only for the original buyer but not transferable. (Lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the product on the market. Outdated technology is not covered by lifetime warranty if the item is no longer available on the common market as a new product)
-Forum PCWorld
so ‘life time warranty’ don’t necessarily means good thing and worth buying by us. When trying to purchase a product with ‘life time warranty’ please also study the development of the industry especially now that our technology capability has increase tremendously over a period of times. and please also inquire about the true meaning of the ‘life time warranty’.
While there is no reason to avoid products that carry a lifetime warranty, there is reason to inquire about the meaning of warranties. This is especially the case if a person is being asked to pay for one. Again, usually stores that sell extended warranties never imply that they last for a lifetime. More often, people attach this warranty to products sold on the Internet, on infomercials and elsewhere. The warranty is meant to give confidence in the product and result in a sale. According to most business standards, it is absolutely fine for the seller to allow the buyer to interpret this warranty in any way they want, with many falsely thinking they’ll get replacement on product as long as they live and own the product.
p/s: i’m now wearing a ‘life time warranty’ product. am wondering, when the manufacturer upgrade the product, this product of mine will go to waste ke ek? better not because i invested a lot in it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


this is something that i would like to share with the world.

i'm very blessed to be with someone who loves observation so much he learnt most of the female things just by doing observation on his surrounding. he came out with different theories of women i think if he ever wanted to write a book, it will be a hit. i kid you not!

yesterday, he told me this. women loves attention so much. attention-seekers. yeah i already know that. i mean, c'mon i'm a woman after all. then he related the theory to a situation. a situation that i can understand and is really happening around me currently. see, he will always relates things with current condition/situation to prove that his theory is workable.

he then told me this. the only thing for us married women to not accidently fall in love with our own colleagues (and subsequently ruin our own marriage) is to ignore the attention. will that be hard?

i will surely keep this tips in mind.

p/s: i wrote this entry on 21/7...already hit the publish button. then i decided to save it as draft only. then i re-decided to put it to public.

no, we are not dreading away. in fact we build strength in each other every single day

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

white water rafting

tiba-tiba...rasa macam teringin sangat nak ber 'white water rafting'. sangat-sangat teringin hehe.

image from: MYHA

Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm a happy bee...

before i was someone's fiancée, my waist size barely reach 24". so i used to wear US size 13 (girls' size) jeans. size 13 is equivalent to the waist size of 26". that was in Jun 2007 and before. oh yeah i was that thin ok!

when i was someone's fiancée, my waist size increased to 27" or 28" errkkk!!! i blamed my dearest fiancé who loved to treat me big dinner hehe. i had to buy new jeans just to fit my big waist.

and when i became someone's wife, my waist size increased to 30" double errkk!!! again i blamed my now dearest hubby who loved to treat me big dinner :) and again i had to buy a new pair of jeans. this time just to fit my gigantic waist!!

so i've been doing something to shed my weigt away. i'm now in my 3rd week of the weight loss regime. and yesterday, i suddenly had the courage to rampage thru my suitcase in the store which stored my anak-dara clothing. i took out my US size 13 (girls' size) jeans as mentioned above just to give it a go. i'm happily and cowardly and slowly put the jeans on.

and guess what?? i can fit into my anak-dara jeans y'all!!! that jeans was bought like 6 years ago while i'm still in the states. Yesss!!! i'm a happy bee after all...and i know hubby has been waiting for this moment for almost two years hehe...

bought in Winter 05 at NY

Extra Reading: US Standard Clothing Size

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loss and will never be replaced...

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 (Bernama) -- Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm Saturday night.

Her death was confirmed by Media Prime Group Chief Operations Officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, who was at the Damansara Specialists Hospital, when contacted by Bernama.

Yasmin, 51, collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damansara Specialists Hospital.

She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage.


i will surely gonna miss her ads...especially raya is coming soon.
i will surely gonna miss her creative films...

the one and only Yasmin Ahmad, renowned film and ads director. creative executive director of Leo Burnnett.

my deepest condolences to the family members.

other reading: NST Online

Our own sweet version of 'me' time

hubby and i decided to have our own 'me' time yesterday. not the whole day tho. only half. sigh...i'm a sucker when it comes to doing things separately from him hehe. so, after we paid a colleague of ours a visit to his new home and 'kenduri kesyukuran', su and i headed straight to Jln TAR. for shopping of course hehe. i got my fix of beads and a 2-meter chiffon for rm10. yeay! sent my yet another set of baju raya to Cassimi. lucky me Dee still wants to accept my order. oh thank you abah (FIL) for the batek material from Yogjakarta!

while su and i were having our gala time going back and forth of Jln TAR, hubby just sat at home concentrating on improving his football game. no, not the
run-and-kick-the-ball-until-you-sweat kind of thing. the Wii football game. where you sit all day long in front of the tv clicking the up and down button, you know? hehe. sigh...boys will always be boys, don't they?

nevertheless...still love u to death, darl! like a lot tau!

Friday, July 24, 2009

- s.a.h.a.b.a.t -

i've come to an understanding that no matter how bad your friend is. whether she hides a big secret from you. or she is going to elope. or she is going to be a second wife to someone. or whatever that she is or will be doing that is bad.

just stick close to her. advice her if necessary. but important thing is, do not alienate her. or despise her. she is just like the rest of us. human beings. we do make mistakes.

do not talk bad behind her. because what she is going thru might someday happen to us or our family members.

this is what i call as true friend. real friend. sahabat.

p/s: i guess when you grow older, you think differently.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dishonesty sucks!!

i received a forwarded email today from one of the colleague saying something like the denmark people will be going to burn the Holy Qoran this Saturday. you can google this keyword: denmark burn holy qoran, to get the whole story of it. anyway, i was a bit skeptical when it comes to forwarded msg or emails. so i take the matters into my own hands and did some research to find the truth. alas! the story surfaced in Feb 2006. and people are still forwarding the chain email. Oh my God! Please lah some research before you start spreading some dishonesty. what if this forwarded email came into the hand of a Dannish? and he started to gather all his people and declare war on Muslims just because of this stupid forwarded email.

Think people! Think!!!

Here we are claiming other people as bad and whatnot when we ourselves are simply being the bad bad apples!! We have the technology. Use it to the fullest people!! Baka!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Desirable Encounter with Shimmering Flora

I always admire her works especially the ever famous shimmering flora. Everyday i will give her blog a visit or two without fail, waiting for her new design. One day, i finally decided to brave myself in joining her class. Turns out the class will be the last one before Hari Raya. Oh i am so lucky to catch her last class. There were about 12 of us who attended her 1-day beading class last Saturday at Tmn. Putra Perdana. Hubby was kind enough to be my driver to and from the class. Thanks dear for your endless support. I arrived 30mins late, thinking that the class won’t start until at least it is 9:30AM. Boy i was wrong. Everyone else was on time except me and a few more students. So i missed the earlier part of the class, the theory. But thank God, she was kind enough to go through the theory once again at the end of the class. There were about 20 designs that was taught in the class, including her shimmering flora. 9:30AM to 6:30PM felt like a short time for me. I learnt a lot from her class compared to my first class.

Some of the tips given by her:
1. use four layers of thread instead of the normal two layers. this will make the beads more sturdy. quite a challenge to insert the thread to the needle for a first timer.
2. use ‘kertas gam’ whenever you are going to sew beads on soft material such as chiffon, silk etc.
3. ‘pinch’ the cloth before you start your beading. this will make sure the beads will be in place.

Food provided was awesome i felt like eating more than 1 time but sadly i’m on diet haha. The sardine currypuff during evening tea session is verry yummy i can still remember the delicious taste up til today.

Oh yeah, Kak Zai was also there with her mobile beadshop hehe. She contributed three sets of different type of beads as lucky draw prizes, by which one of it won by me. Yeay! But the catch of the day would be Kak Nora’s beadwork material, which Jun the pregnant stewardess happily brought home with. Ahh jealous!!

To Kak Nora, thank you so much for your guidance. I gained a lot from you.
To Kak Lily the assistant, thank you so much for all your help and patience.

To everyone else from the class, nice meeting you guys!

Here is my piece of artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Vanilla Cafe

Semalam saya bagitau Hubby. Saya mengidam sesangat nak minum French Vanilla Cafe. Not just any french vanilla cafe. It has to be from this brand: General Foods International. Boleh tak nak mengada-ngada? Hehe. Tapi setelah diberitahu tak tahu samada available in Malaysia or not, terus Hubby senyap. Ye la kan...takkan nak ke US plak mencarik semata-mata huhu. Dulu ini la yang selalu saya minum sewaktu belajar.

French Vanilla CafeKalo dapat yang ini pon sedap jugak: Swiss White Chocolate

Agak-agak mane ye nak dapatkan stok ni kat Malaysia? Ataupon, agak-agak ade tak orang dr US yang boleh tolong dapatkan ini di Giant Eagle/Big Bear/ CVS untuk saya? Ngidam tahap gaban dah ni!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

this is sick!

i was browsing thru my FB when i came upon this story right here. so i google-ed her name and found a few write-ups about her story here, here, here and here. i am (and still) in disbelieve to have read about the news. tonnes and tonnes of comments contributed from people all around the world on this story. some linked it to racism while others see it in a totally different view.

let's put aside the fact that Marwa is a muslim wearing hijab and resided in Germany. let's look at this story this way: Marwa is simply a woman; a 4-month pregnant woman to be exact, a mother to a 3-year old son and a lovely wife to a devoted husband. ok, now you get a clear picture, right?

now move on to the case. she dragged her neighbor to the court of justice due to the improper name-calling made by the neighbor. she is just simply claiming her rights as a human being. while making her stands in the court of justice, the neighbor suddenly rushed towards her and stabbed her to death. not once. not twice. but 18 times!! nobody tried to intervene. the husband tried to stop the neighbor. he was also attacked. when finally the police came into the hall, they choses to open fire towards the husband. not the accuser! and this all happened in front of the 3-year old son. to make things all happened in the court of justice! unbelievable? believe it.

why didn't the bystanders do anything to help her? are they all stunned with the incident until nobody could even move a finger or two?

18 stabs?? that clearly shows a sign of rages, anger, furious etc etc.

oh my...i'm just sick of the phsycho!!!

may Marwa rest in peace, inshaallah

Thursday, July 9, 2009


venue: meja makan di rumah pahlawan

aku menyiapkan kerja ofis
di samping hubby yang sibuk mereka cipta quotation
while listening to our favorite tunes
sambil mulut sibuk mengunyah durian
rasa masa berlalu dengan cepat sangat
ahhh nyaman nya hidup dengan en. akmal

p/s: konfem esok sakit tekak sebab bantai durian.

Monday, July 6, 2009

the unthinkable

hubby and i did the unthinkable thing last nite. without prior discussion nor plan, we bought 2 air tix to perth haha. seriously i was very scared to book the tix ok. in less than 24hr trus dah beli ok! i was surfing air asia website when i suddenly tried the perth route. and it costs us rm1.2k return for 2 pax. do we have the money? i dun think so. but nevertheless, we don't want to miss this opportunity. so we just grab it. money for accommodation, food, travel? nada ok!. so now we hv to work hard to gain more $$$ hehe. seb baik my lil sis still in perth. maybe crash at her crib la kot. oh my, i'm still in shock while writing this. am i going to perth soon? for real?? ahhh...syoknye!

so now hv to plan our travel for 6D5N. every places that we will go if possible should be zero-entrance fee hehe. hubby said, kite gi la uni angah, taman bunga, market hehe. food...ah my sis ade bole tolong masakkan hehe. transport...well we will settle with her car. shopping...maybe next time kot. ahh...can't wait for october to come!

p/s: dah lame dah plan nak ke its either tix terlalu mahal or takde cuti panjang...but this time tix is quite cheap and i don't have to take extra leave. wee~~
p/s: org pelik mane kami dpt duit slalu berjln...truth is, we nvr think about the $$$ problem. all we think about is the time spend with each other. tak cukup $$$ kalo, sendiri pandai survive la hehe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Esok 4th of July

Esok 4th of July. Teringat masa kat US dulu. Selalu akan tertunggu-tunggu 4th of July ni sebab nak tengok fireworks hehe. Masing-masing dah contact each other nak carik transport/tumpang ke tempat kejadian. Selalunya kitorg akan turun ke downtown. Arn mesti orang yang paling gembira kalau dapat tengok fireworks hehe. So 12 midnite sume dah get ready dengan camera masing-masing kat tepi padang nearby German Village (kalo tak silap) Start aje fireworks waahhh masing-masing sangat teruja amek gamba/rekod video hehe. Pastu weekend mesti akan lepak ber bbq beramai-ramai. Ahh…nyaman nya waktu belajar dulu.

Happy 4th of July!!

p/s: Entry ini adalah entry rindu zaman belajar dulu :)
picture 1: Wake Forest 4th of July Celebration

entry tensi

this entry will be filled with hatred feelings. so please don't read it if u don't like hatred.

Seawal 8:45AM mood marah aku dah di trigger oleh seseorang. Ye, aku rasa teramat marah sekali sampai kepala ni rasa macam nak pecah. A sign of too much stress, i think. tak bole blah btol la! ceritanya camgini. ada kekecohan berlaku antara section aku dan section $$$. sume gara-gara pakcik c*l*k* yang salah faham. kate die aku tak sampaikan info. and die tuduh plak membe aku kat section $$$ sepatutnya cc the email to him also. so aku back up membe aku. aku ckp, mmg die takde cc, tp aku de fwd info to him with explanation and direction. die trus ckp, ‘no i hvnt received any info from u’. trus darah aku berderau. haram jadahnya die ckp camgitu?? kepala trus jadi pusing kuar bintang2. sebabnya? aku tersgt nak marah tp aku tak bole marah sbb die adalah bos (bos taik kucing!) aku pulak takde proof yg aku dah sent email to him. sbb aku actually baru je clearkan sent folder aku sbb dah penuh. ahh i shld hv archive everything. aku dan die berbalas-balas kata. aku yakin gile aku dah sent email tu kat die sbb aku tau kalo aku tak buat, kelima2 jari die akan tunjuk pd aku. tp masalahnya aku takde bukti aku dah anta. b*b& btol! skang kene korek2 kat server kalo ade. hopefully ade. sbb kalo takde, bende ni mmg akan diungkit sampai aku berenti. percaya la ckp aku. ni bukan pertama kali die carik pasal. dah tak terbilang dah. ari2 dtg keje mesti tensi tgk muka die.

so pengajaran nya, lepas ini pastikan sume email di archive hatta email yg dihantar pon. supaya bile kejadian serupa berlaku, aku bole trus throw the email to his f*c&ing face and made him shut his f*c&ing mouth. what a bloody way to start my Friday. oii dah la arini Friday oii!! b%b& btol la!!!

update: tetibe kol 10:30AM td dgn muke selamba die ckp, "nisa i ade terima u punye email actually". aku pon ape lg. "i told u so! sbb last mth dah kecoh. so this mth i takmo la kecoh lg. that's y i email u n mintak u check dgn boss section $$". b*b% btol! dah la takde sorry ke ape. pastu kali ni takde plak ckp dpn big boss. pg td punye nak kecoh dpn big boss. kecoh btol org tua neh!!