Friday, June 12, 2009

Which ice-cream do you prefer?

Stumble upon this article while browsing thru Yahoo! Which ice-cream do you prefer?

My preference would be BEN & JERRY!!! Yummylicious ok! Is it available here in Malaysia? I'm not so sure lah. I had it when I was in US. Siap pegi melawat kilang ice-cream itu which is situated in Vermont. Unbelievable? Believe it! Kanak-kanak riang who got the chance to step foot into Ice-Cream heaven haha...
My favorite flavor would be anything with nuts. If they have vanilla taste in it, definitely will be on my top list :) Butter pecan, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Chocolate macadamia, Chubby hubby, S'mores. Oh man the list could go on and on and on. Typing this already made me drooling *slurp* It is simply the richest with super umph knock-down taste. You will definitely ask for more i kid u not!

The nearest Ben & Jerry stall that I've stumble upon is at Singapore haha. One in Sentosa Island, another one at Night Safari. Hubby dearie, let's go to Singapore again to get my fix of Ben & Jerry? *wink wink*

Oh if anyone had the chance to meet those yummylicious Ben & Jerry's ice-cream here in Malaysia, plese let me know ek. Pleeeaaassseee!!!
So which ice-cream do you prefer?

picture 1: author's personal collection
picture 2: Ben & Jerry's Fun Desktop Stuff


  1. stalls mmg i think xde kat mesia, but tubs ada kat cold storage, n last i saw them kat giant kota damansara pun ada tak silap la :D

  2. oh oh oh have to check out cold storage
    jarang masuk actually
    sbb paling dekat pon di subang parade
    which is like more than 30mins from here :)
    thanks kak anis for the feedback!

  3. eh,nisa...remember the ice cream shop we used to go in Columbus? Apa ek nama dia? forgot already lah...

  4. alamak arn...waahhh totally forgot! huhu sedih plak rs sbb dah tak igt columbus keskeskes
    jap jap nanti aku search
    btw aku pon dah tak igt which kedai yg ko maksudkan...haha

  5. alaaa..i can visualise the nama jalan pun aku dah tak ingat...dpn dia ada kedai jual organic stuff..dia ada satu kedai lagi besar dekat Bethel Road yg children playground luas gile...dekat umah Q dulu...n i like maggie moo better than ben & cream dia boleh diadun-adun...=p

  6. ok ok i know which one you meant
    Graeter's kan? btol tak? hehehe
    waaahhhh rindu!!!