Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank God Its Friday!!!

My company was kind enough to give us off day today since tomorrow is Agong's birthday. That has been the practice since I first joined. We will get Friday off day if public holiday falls on Saturday. Or we will get Monday off day if public holiday falls on Sunday. Isn't it great to be working here? I'm thanking my God for the opportunity to still have the chance to come to work.

I should be lazing around at home watching tv while doing my beading. Instead I chose to come to work today. Hooyeah (?) This is so not me! But I guess I have to since time is so limited, yet everyone is pushing me to complete the budget investment. I was given like 1 week to complete everything? Oh yes 1 week. To others, it may seem a lot of time. But to the people from the same industry (kak tuty?), you'll know how hard it is to get everything done in just a week time. I'm talking about the whole company's investment budget, not just a product or package. That would be just kantan desuyo!

And here I am yapping about my work when I should have focus on the line balance. Oh no don't get me wrong. I'm starting to love my work. That's after like what? 3 years? Oh yup. And I think Hubby must have thought this...nape dia ni takde bebel kat aku pon kene keje OT. Slalu mesti ngadu marah2. Oh yeah honey, I love doing this and I think I'm not looking forward to leave the company any time soon. I'm just gonna stick with my jack-ass superior for a little bit. Oh he's not that bad tho. We are getting along pretty well lately.

Anyway, this weekend sure a hectic one for me. No time at all for myself. Every little time has been allocated for others. I'm not happy but I guess I have no other choice. Too many hearts (and mouths) to take care of. Jack-ass! If I were given the choice, I would rather stay at the office

p/s: word of the day - jack-ass


  1. ngeh ngeh.. the HQ is sending the auditors in June. I (silently) hope that Malaysia would haramkan pelawat dari luar terutamanya dari negara2 yg dihidapi H1N1 yg teruk (cthnya hahahhaha i hate their auditors!!

  2. kitorg punye auditors dtg in may...
    everybody was hoping their travel will be cancelled due to the epidemic...
    sbb HQ pon dah kuarkan arahan pd sume office to follow strict travel procedure utk elakkan H1N1...
    tp dorang masih jugak rajin menjengahkan muka di sini *cet cet cet* byk cekadak pulak tuh!