Monday, June 22, 2009

Part 1: Perhentian Island

The planning started as early as April. We managed to secure ourselves a deluxe room at Arwana Perhentian Resort. A nice place with big swimming pool located at the end of Telok Dalam. Well…first of, we flew from KL to KB via Air Asia. Hey did you guys know that Air Asia now assign random seat for you? Should you require a specific seat, it will cost you a little bit more. Yeah, Air Asia rocks! Anyway, when we arrived at KB airport, we headed straight to the taxi counter. Walla…there is an agent who can arrange for your land and boat transfer to Perhentian Island. Taxi to Kuala Besut costs you RM35/head for a 1/2hr journey through kampung. And fast boat to Perhentian costs you RM70/head return for another 1/2hr ride. Definitely a no no for pregnant lady. I tell you the fast boat is super fast! And super bumpy too! Just tell the boat driver to drop you at your designated destination.

First Day:
After arriving at our hotel, we headed straight to bed haha. Really a tiring journey ok. Woke up at 5 for kayaking. No worries. The hotel provides you with lots of activities. Kayaking cost you RM15/hr. The attendant advised us to kayak towards the freshwater area which by my calculation would be about 5km from the hotel. Half way through…no not half way. Quarter way thru, I started to panic to the fact that the only thing that keep me out of the water is the small kayak. Cried out loud for Hubby to turn around to the shore haha. Chicken! OK please yeah although I can swim (better than Hubby), I’m still afraid of the open sea. After kayaking, we headed to the pool. Yeah here I am the king. I can go back and forth without any fear no matter how deep the water is hehe. At night, we had our candle-lite dinner at the kampung restaurant. Seafood is abundant here. Yummy yummy!!

Second Day:
After the lite breakfast, we headed out for a snorkeling trip. Hoyeah!! I was expecting a big boat with a couple of people in it with us thru out the journey. Alas, its only me, Hubby, the guide and a small boat (I would like to call it a sampan). Serious cuak seh sailing thru the open sea. The guide took us to 4 snorkeling point. We saw nemo, turtle, colorful fishes and even baby shark. Gile seram! Tapi syok! Sampai melecet ketiak aku berenang sambil memakai life jacket haha. At noon, we had our lunch at the hotel. Then Hubby treat me to a shoulder massage at Arwana Spa. Oh nyaman dihenyak-henyak oleh wanita yang double my size hehe. Night, dinner at hotel. We thot we could do the squid jigging (candat sotong) activity at night but there is not enough people. Ni ayat nak kene pegi ke Perhentian lg utk squid jigging haha.

Third Day:
After breakfast, packed our things and ready to go back to the mainland. Stopped by at KB town for lunch and head straight to the airport to catch our 5PM flight.

For you who’s planning to go to Perhentian, my advice would be, don’t go during the peak season. Serious kalo snorkeling sumpah terlanggar bontot orang. Then, your boat ticket or snorkeling trip can be booked at the Kuala Besut jetty itself. More options for you. Toksah dok kalut kat airport nak dapatkan sume (speaking from my own experience ok) Even your hotel can arrange for your snorkeling trip. Plus, if you are looking for a good nite life, don’t stay at my place. It’s design for family. Go to other places like Bubu Long Beach area or elsewhere. But my hotel is much nicer than the rest hehe. Ok what else? Oh yeah, advisable to go in a group of 4 or 5. That way you can form a circle during snorkeling while seeing the turtle having breakfast at the bottom of the sea haha. Plus, during the land transfer, do have a nice chat with the cab driver coz it will be a long 1/2hr journey. Sian that cabby driving alone trying to avoid the kambings and lembus on the road while you have your good sleep at the passenger seat.

OK enough of babbling. Gonna hit the publish button and start doing Part 2: Perhentian Island with lots of piccas.

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