Wednesday, June 17, 2009

electrical promotion

staff promotion is currently on until next tuesday, y’all!! i’m so delightful and happy to see the price tag. especially the LCD TV promotion. hmm, i asked myself this question a few times already. what should i get for our lovely cute little house. frankly speaking, the house is already packed with stuff. let see what did we have so far from the promotion. TV. check. fridge. check. washing machine. check. air-con. check. hmm…takkan la rice cooker and electrical kettle pon nak brand yang sama? oh dearest Hubby, let’s angkut the 42” Full HD LCD TV nak? hehe. but then, we have to buy a new tv cabinet as the current one is only 4ft in width. oh my God! really really want to have that giant TV. the price is slashed down up to 25% from the retail price. wahhh!!! craayyyzeehhh!! ok so imagine, if you have an item with the retail price of RM5,000. then you get 25% off. so how much would it cost you actually? people, go get your calculator and start pinching the number!!!

oh please don’t be jealous at me for slaving myself at this company haha.
what? wait a minute. you are interested to get the promotion items? well, then do contact me and i’ll be more than glad to help you ;) oh they have LCD TV, fridge, washing machine, air-con, laptop, rice cooker & electrical kettle.

oh so i did hear the latest humor. the special gift (aka bonus) will be given out this friday. woot woot!! unfortunately, we both will be at the island on friday. nvm tho, we’ll get to enjoy the money on monday, then. hmm…nak menabung ke? or nak buat lawn and tile the porch plus install awning? or better still, get myself a brand new laptop and LCD TV? hmmmm *sitting at a corner while giving a deep thought*


  1. i dont think have enough viewing distance for the 42 incher.

  2. nice finding darling!
    blom sempat guna calculator tu lg hehe