Sunday, May 10, 2009


picture from PMI3
Hubby: Pesta Malam Indonesia nanti ada blablabla (while reading to me the list of performers)
Me: Dekat mane?
Hubby: Bukit Jalil
Me: Huh easily accessible by all the pekerja kontrak. Sure pening kepala nanti

Sian Hubby. I know that this is his thing. I would love to join him but I'm actually a claustrophobic. Kalo i pegi pon, it won't be an enjoyable day/night for me. Tapi dearest Hubby, if you have a gang to go with, I'm willing to 'let you go' for the day hehe.

p/s: oh tersangat panas lately sampai daku berasa pening kepala bila di bawah jemuran sang mentari. kesan pemanasan global kah?
p/s: i'm in need of a new swimsuit. should i go for a killer one? or just an OK one?


  1. i think i pass this time.
    saya tak minat jinbara

  2. but they have padi, SO7, gigi tau
    plus they hv ur 'saudara' si Ahmad Dhani :)
    sure ka don't want to go dear?