Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flava' Roast Family Series

KFC Flava' Roast Family Series

Yesterday, we had our dinner at KFC while waiting for a friend of mine. We couldn't remember when was the last time we step foot at KFC. There seems to be a new addition to the menu: The Flava' Roast Series. So Hubby and I were very keen on trying these new flava'. He had the Flava' Roast Wings and I had the Flava' Roast Burger.

The Flava' Roast Wings comes with 4 pieces of lip-smacking wings serves with cheese potato wedges, regular tangy coleslaw and regular carbonated drink. The meal looks very small even Hubby had a doubt he will be full after eating it. But he did let me know that the wings tastes yummylicious.

The Flava' Roast Burger comes with tender roasted chicken fillet burger topped with pepper mayonnaise (yummy!) serves with fun (french?) fries and carbonated drink. Since I'm on diet, I exchange my carbonated drink to ice lemon tea. And I also exchange my fries to Hubby's coleslaw hehe.

The taste? Super yummylicious. The chicken tastes almost the same as any other bbq roasted chicken at food mall that is served with chicken rice hehe. All I can say is, you gotta have it. like NOW! while stocks last hehe...

p/s: I wonder how am I supposed to pronounce Flava' with the apostrophe? Flavak? or simply Flava?

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