Monday, May 18, 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

So, I was stricken with high fever since Wednesday. My temperature was 39.9C. Doc put me on MC for 2 days. So I got a very long weekend hehe. But Thursday and Friday were spent on the bed. Couldn't do nothing else except to just sleep.

On Friday evening, mom called to let us know the gang is going down to PD as mom will be having a meeting there. Mom offered us to join since she booked extra room for the night. When I first heard about the venue, I got a little bit excited I felt like a normal person again haha. Who can say no to
The Legend Water Chalet?

The Legend Water Chalets is located along the coastal stretch of Port Dickson in
Negeri Sembilan on the west coast of Malaysia. The Resort consists of 280 unique
sea front resort rooms and 112 service suites facing the Straits of Malacca.

I have been dreaming of going to this place since last year. So like a dream come true. We spent 1 night there. Although it was a short stay, we really enjoyed the ambience and tranquility of the area. I didn’t get to try the swimming pool. Next time, perhaps. Hubby, lil bro and I stayed at the
Executive Water Chalet while mom and dad stayed at the Premium Water Chalet. Our room has separate standing shower and bath tub with little privacy hehe. The rooftop of the standing shower can be opened so you can choose to take ur bath under the lighting of the sun. The bathroom area also came with solid glass panel for viewing the sea beneath the floor. The only draw back was the choices of buffet breakfast. I was looking forward to a grand selection of menus just like any other 4 or 5 stars hotels would offer. But alas, the breakfast is almost the same as 3 stars hotels could offer.

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