Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 days after 26 years

I'm 26 already? Man...i feel old...NOT! haha
TQ everyone for all the best wishes
Gwe terharu banget!
My dad was the first to wish 12:33AM i tell you
He never fails to do that...every single year
Totally anak abah...haha

Hubby treats me a birthday dinner at Manhattan Fish Market
Since i'm still working on my diet, i insist he bought only 1 meal
To be shared together...romantik tak? hahaThen off we went for a shopping spree

I've always wanted a green outfit
Pusing punya pusing...only one outfit that caught my attention
So Hubby, i believe you still owe me a pair of stilettos and another outfit
Rite? :) Friday cuti replacement for Wesak Day
Kitorg turun ke Pertama...amek baju raya
Yeay dah siap!
Green lagik haha

Bulan 6 ni siap another 2 pairs
Oh yea...this weekend is full with aktiviti rewang di kampung
Letih banget! especially dgn my current health condition

On the other hand...Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mom!
And to all the mommies out there!

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