Monday, April 27, 2009

Review: Teater Mahsuri

Venue: Istana Budaya
Date: 24 Apr 2009

The lobby area

We arrived at Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture) shortly before 8:00PM. I saw 3 busses loaded with school children outside. Parking area at Istana Budaya is full. Hence we have to park at Balai Seni Lukis Negara and did a little walk towards Istana Budaya. People have been swamped in at the lobby area. Shortly after 8:30PM, the staffs opened up the entrance. We sat at row X. Nearby all the media people. The only face that I could recognize was Adam Corrie Abdullah, the choreographer for the theatre.

The opening screen
The opening was very interesting. With Wan Endah the ‘andartu’ (played by Azizah Mahzan) getting all playful with a gang of ‘pelawak kampung’ followed by all the youngsters of the village singing and dancing to the music, including Mahsuri (played by Vanidah Imran), Wan Darus (played by Arja Lee) and Wan Aria (played by Cico Harahap).

There were a lot of scene and backdrop changing that I felt a little bored towards the middle of the play. The act got a little slower in the middle I almost fall asleep (I kid you not!) The theatre was more of a singing than talking but the singing is actually part of the script (you got me?)

But towards the end of the play, during the scene where Mahsuri was about to get killed by Wan Aria, the play got interesting again. The scene made me cry a little bit (just a bit ok!). Vee managed to deliver her part really really well I felt I was at the real scene witnessing all of it. With the curse that she put to Langkawi and its people, the thunder. Unfortunately there was no white blown flow out of Mahsuri’s body. Only a statement made by her mom, “Ya Allah, darah putih!” (Oh my God, white blood). I was so looking forward to see how Fauziah Nawi wanted to portray the white blood scene. But it was OK.

The voices of the actors/actresses were superb. The speech delivery sometimes was taken over by the live music. There was some minor glitch from the live band. But I think that was acceptable because it’s a live show. All in all, it was a good performance. Congratulations to Fauziah Nawi and the team for the good work of portraying the life of Mahsuri. Bravo!
The casts & crews
The program book & tickets

Oh I forgot to ask dearest Hubby what he felt about the theatre.
p/s: no pics with the casts. i'm not good with posing in front of the camera haha


  1. maybe it just me
    i almost fell asleep half way thru the show

  2. oh poor akmal!
    wanna try theatre again next time? hehe
    we should opt for comedy type of theatre plak after this.
    ii ka?