Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hubby's credit card is being fraud by someone. The fella used it for CELCOM bill payment and traffic summon payment at My EG. Hubby is now busy going back and forth between police station and bank. We managed to trace the receipt from My EG. Siap display IC no, car plate no and name of the person. Haha that was the stupidiest act I can tell. Kalo iya pon nak fraud credit card org, go and buy someting else that we can't trace lar. Ni pi baya summon. Of course la we can actually find out who you are. Police report has been made yesterday. Now we are waiting for the bank to conduct the investigation. Hopefully Hubby can get the refund money. Its a lot I tell you! Menggeletar Hubby the night he realized about it. Problem is, the physical card is still with him. Yet this fella managed to get the information. How on earth could that possible? Someone please tell me!

Anyone with the same experience?

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  1. wuu...scarynyee...x sangke ye...cam gini pun ade...