Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bar-be-queuing down-to-earth style

Last Saturday we spent the night with Hubby's MMU clan, having a BBQ session at Seri Kembangan. We were asked to buy 100pcs of sate. And another person will bring 'ayam golek'. So I questioned Hubby, what else to be BBQ-ed. Wanna know what? Corn and potatoes. Ya Allah! The main menu is already being prepared in advance. No fun at all! Hehe. Still waiting for the photos. Photos uploaded.

Photos credits to Chokotto-san

Sunday, we have to tag along with our parents to a wedding at Gombak. There was this very humble and down-to-earth man sitting beside Hubby. So it was fun chit-chatting and laughing around until mom told me one thing. "Tu CEO of XXX tau". Terus I terkedu. SMS Hubby sbb takkan nak cakap kuat2 plak kan. Hubby also terkejut beruk. Mak aih, how can a CEO acted like normal. I mean just like me and you. Very simple shirt and pants. No proper protocol or attire. Unlike some of the 'orang besar' that I've seen or known before. He's a very cool guy who drive a Lexus LS 460L but prefer his small car when driving downtown. Oh yeah Datuk, I own your small car also! :p


  1. wuu...kagum gak laa kalu jumpe org mcm ni...rare kan...

  2. hi k.nisa! pernah jugak sembang sebelah 'uncle' sorang ni...tgk2 bigshot company X.gila terkejut lepas exchange business card.hehehe...kan best kalau ada lagi byk orang camni.takyah protocol2..

    p/s: sbnrnye nak comment pasal bbq.mmg tgh teringin nak buat bbq kat rumah sendiri!!terliur pulak..hehe...nways tcare!!!

  3. aliza...kadang2 rs seronok jumpe org2 sebegitu makes us more comfortable around them

    farah not hesitate to do the bbq. go plan for the menu and invitation cuz it's fun! haha