Thursday, March 5, 2009

The sweetness of Ms. Delicia

I'm not much of a bread-eater. Neither does Hubby. Everytime we bought the white sliced bread, in the name of trying to eat healthy, half of the loaf will be tossed into dustbin as it has been more than a week past due date.

So when I was introduced to Ms. Delicia Butterscotch by a colleague, man I fell in love instantly. Being a sweet-teeth I am, butterscotch and I get along very well together even on the first bite.

But to find Ms. Delicia Butterscotch is not an easy task I tell you. Once I saw one of the operator bought 4 loaves of butterscotch from the cafe. Boy, I guess the whole company loves Ms. Delicia Butterscotch! I first bought butterscotch at Jusco IOI Mall. A loaf of this sweet bread costs us RM4. Worth the money!

Ms. Delicia also comes in Choc Raisin Flavor, which I haven't given the try yet due to my lack of love for chocolate.

Delicia Butterscotch and Delicia Choc Raisin are products of Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd. Picture courtesy of the company.