Monday, March 9, 2009

Manik & Labuci

Finally i got the chance to enrol myself in bengkel jahitan manik & labuci organized by Kak Mus & Kak Nor from Kilauan Mustika. Thanks dear Hubby for supporting me.

What motivates me to enrol in this class? My mom actually hehe. She would spent RM300 per baju kurung at her usual tailor if she wanted her baju kurung to be beaded. That's a lot of money! Well at least for me. So I vow to learn the proper way to bead and saves her the RM150 for beading charges :)

This is the outcome from the class.

The patern learnt:
1. Manik tabur
2. Ulat
3. Beriring single
4. Arrow kosong
5. Arrow berlabuci
6. Arrow mutiara berlabuci
7. Pintalan
8. Pintalan berlabuci
9. Piramid
10. Selembut bayu
11. Bunga Ixora
12. Bunga Raya
13. Bunga Sequin
14. Anyaman Kasih
15. Bunga Mutiara

And this is my work-in-progress (on my own baju kurung). I applied the 'pintalan' and 'manik tabur' patern to it. Can you spot the beaded butterfly? hehe. 1 day it takes me to come to this point.

TQ dear Hubby for always being my 'pengkritik setia'. I'm going for Tahap 2 soon!

Readers, I'm now open for tempahan manik. Contact me at ainunnisa[at] for more info!


  1. alamak...u dah ada hobi baru
    apa i nak buat tatkala u melayan hobi?

  2. whenever i'm working on my new hobby, u'll be playing with ur newly purchased Wii gun my dear

    deal? or no deal?