Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kelantan 2D1N Trip (210309)

So it was a good trip after all. I almost declined my mom's offer to go to Kelantan with her and my dad. But fate has it that Hubby and I got to enjoy a new environment. First time for Hubby. nth time for me hehe. We took the first MAS flight to Kota Bharu on Saturday.
Us camwhoring at the departure gate.
Early morning at Gate A8.
Off we flew to Kota Bharu with the latest addition to the MAS family; the B747-800. See the flip wing? Abah was so excited describing to us about the flight hehe.
Welcome to Kelantan! We met our driver and off he brought us to breakfast at this restaurant.
Selera daun Pisang at Tmn Uda Murni, Pengkalan Chepa. We had nasi dagang for breakfast. Then off we went to Air Dingin, Tumpat for my cousin's majlis kesyukuran. Ahh the food was so tasty especially the gulai kawah. Then off to another wedding (my mom's friend's son) at Tal 7, Pasir Mas. Then only were we sent to our hotel, Ridel Hotel. It's a 2 star hotel by the Sungai Kelantan. Nice ambience. I like it. It reminded me of Ibit Hotel in Bangkok where I used to stay with Hubby last year. I love the interior design. Very simple yet classy looking. Go have a look at the website and you'll know I'm saying.

Then at nite, our driver brought us to Pasar Malam Buluh Kubu. I got to substitute my crave for laddu to jala emas and bunga tanjung. Yum yum!

Then I got to meet Ms. Destinytells! Yeay! Thanks a lot kerana sudi jumpa saya hehe. Even in a short period of notice and short period of meeting, we managed to update each other.

The next day, we walked towards Pasar Buluh Kubu & Pasar Siti Khadijah. Mom bought us a pair of batik silk. Thank you mom! I love you! And I managed to grab few types of beads for my collection. Yeay! It was tiring I tell you. Accompanied my mom for shopping it is. Loves to see how my mom did the bargain with the salesgirl. Haha. You can't lie to my mom one! She knows the prices of batik silk very well.
This picture is taken at the lobby of Ridel Hotel. Spot something abnormal at the wau?
OK and this is me. Hubby's messing with the camera while I take a short nap while waiting for our flight back to KL. Man, see how exhausted I am after the trip?

p/s: Happy belated birthday dearest Abah. -210309-


  1. dalamer x blk kelantan....

  2. yana, ko dah selamat sampai msia ke rite now?

  3. thanks babe for the short meet up...also for the lovely tudung..

    will pray for ur wish while i'm in Tanah Suci, insya Allahh..