Monday, March 30, 2009

Fridge Magnet Collection

My collection of fridge magnet.

I started collecting fridge magnets after I got married to dear Hubby. We did a lot of traveling and came across different type of fridge magnets to be added to my collection. My style is; I will always find a fridge magnet that has the name of the place that I visited. I have yet to fill the fridge door with my collection hehe. But back at my parents home, the collection almost fills the door. Ah I should put the picture later when I go back to Puchong.

Tacky Living teaches you on how to start with this hobby.
Kitchen Aid Magnets has a big collection of this items.

Do you like to collect fridge magnets just like me?

p/s: Did you vote for Earth last Saturday? I did! 8:30PM switched off the lights and straight I went to bed! hehe

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