Saturday, March 7, 2009

east coast dilemma

received an SMS yesterday from dearest mom.

21 mac g ktan. book tiket. *angah kawin.

and I'm like...what??! nape baru nak bgtau now. last week when I check Air Asia it costs us RM140 return. but today guess how much la weh?? RM440 return for good sake! wahlawey!! sungguh tak best ok. in a week, the price can double up or even triple up i tell you!

to go or not to go? well yeah I did promise mom to go to KB for she wanted to do some textile shopping. oh btw my mom has her specific places to shop specific items. Nak kain songket, let's fly to tganu! Nak kain batik or latest tudung bawal, let's fly to Kota Bharu!

I'm a bit hesitant to purchase the ticket. Ye la kan...RM440 for only 1 night stay. Hotel's not included yet ok.

Pokai plak bulan nih. Aiseh...

Go or no go??

Note: *angah is my cousin. the wedding at KB is for the groom's side. i think their's is just kenduri kesyukuran for the big celebration has been done on our side last January.

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