Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taman Wetland, Putrajaya

We were here as early as 9AM to spend our precious time together on Saturday morning.
Taman Wetland, Putrajaya.

We rented 2 bikes, which costs us RM4/bike per hour We cycled towards the Flamingo Lake. We had our breakfast here by the Flamingo Lake.
Accompanied by these flamingoes and mandarin duck. This is what we had for our breakfast Then we cycled towards the viewing deck One hour of cycling is enough to make our feet ache to the power of 1000.

We will be back for more action at Tmn Wetland


  1. eh not bad juga eh tempat ni. looks nice. :)

  2. yup PjH did a good job at maintaining this place
    and i heard there is another nice place in cyberjaya (as told by my hubby)...the cyberjaya lake somewhere at the community club behind MMU
    will check out that place soon

  3. cam best... ape lagi bleh buat kat situ kak nisa?

  4. anis...
    kat sane ade 2 tmn wetland. jgn terkonpius plak mcm kitorg aritu.
    the one paling dekat dgn bulatan besar tu is for water recreational activities i think. ade la kalo nak sewa canoe berbagai
    then drive further up baru this tmn wetland yg kitorg pegi. aktiviti: sewa basikal round tmn wetland sampai kebas kaki hehe. pastu ade flamingo pond, swan pond, then i think bole buat family day kat sane. contact aje putrajaya holding.
    besides that, not very sure ape aktiviti lain. blom sempat explore in detail. pegi kjap je arituh. maybe u can go on behalf of other? :)