Friday, February 27, 2009

Some people are just plain stupid...

you know my dear elected-by-rakyat YBs, we (at least I) elected you to bring difference to my area. to change the VERY congested road in Puchong to a more relax road. to settle the issue of Indians without I/C in Selangor. to narrow the gap of richest and poorest people in Malaysia. to tackle the sudden hike in toll charges even tho satu tol ditutup di setip highway. to come out with an action (not just a plan) to help those who was unfortunate to loss their job during this low economic situation.

i mean really do sth lar wei instead of shouting to each other in Parliament la weh! What difference does it make anyway?

soh tuka cara pemilihan PM ikut cara Amerika konon! tapi taknak tiru cara pemikiran Amerika yang all-for-Americans-not-just Republican-or-Democratic-once-the-election-is-over. You got me?

p/s: penulis tidak menyokong YBs BN atau PR yang cakap berhabuk tapi action langsung tiada. penulis sedang meneropong YBs yang btol2 patut dipilih sebagai Pemimpin Rakyat.

p/s: tak penah penulis sentuh isu politik di dalam blog. tapi arini saja nak luahkan perasaan. dan ini yang terakhir.

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