Friday, January 9, 2009

Present for him...

Our 1st anniversary is just around the corner. 10 more days to be precised. Oh teruja yang amat! We've been planning for the day since a month ago (told you we're so excited). Hubby siap ajak buat photo shoot at Star East to commemorate our first anniversary (which btw costs us A LOT!! huhu). Well actually just realized that we don't have a portrait style of photo from our solemnization ceremony. That photo shoot serves as our anniversary gift towards each other.

And so i thought the gift part is already being taken care off. Yesterday, hubby came out with new ideas. Why not spend this Saturday apart and go hunting for gifts. Me to him and him to me. And I'm like whaatt?? Surprise me darling, he said. Alamak! I'm no good at making surprises haha. Really have no idea on what to get for him. Perfume? Mundane. Shirt? also mundane. Gadget? Oh I'm on tight budget huhu. So if you guys have any ideas on what I should get for him, holla at me ya!! TQ in advance ;-)

Btw, hubby is a very simple-minded man who's into cars/computer/gadget/and what not. You know, the usual boy stuff thingy.


  1. u can try buy him a nice black leather wristwatch.
    or u can also try buy him tickets for Sesi Istana Budaya Butterfingers 2009.