Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A crave for sotong kangkung

Venue: Restoren Din Tomyam, Kg. Jawa, Klang

Dah nak masuk sebulan mengidam sotong kangkung. But the dish is not available here in Telok Panglima Garang. One day, I came across this kakak at office who recommended me one of the best place for sotong kangkung. It’s Restoren Din Tomyam in Kg. Jawa, Klang (just across Masjid Dato’Dagang). Hubby and I when to ‘reki’ the way there. On our first attempt, we failed to locate the place. Nak tambah haru lagi, we got lost along the way. So went back home dengan penuh kehampaan. Then I google up din tomyam and came across this
website which provides map to the restaurant. Yatta! Dengan penuh harapan, we drove up there again. Finally we managed to locate the place.

The interior was very nice. Jejak kaki saja ke restoren, terus hubby kate next time we should bring our parents there. I ordered my crave, sotong kangkung. Hubby ordered keuy teow kungfu. To my startle, the sotong kangkung tasted very delicious but not that delicious if compared to the one I had in PJ New Town years ago. Hubby’s keuy teow tasted OK. Overall, I would give 3 stars to the food. We gotta go back there someday and taste other dishes.

Sotong Kangkung

All pictures courtesy of http://www.bernas.com.my/dintomyam.htm


  1. now i know how sotong kangkung taste like....yummyyy

    preparation looks simple.
    should we try this at home??

  2. definitely!!
    but u need to give me a hand or two in the kitchen ok

  3. looks delicious. boleh try la someday. thanks for sharing! :D

  4. hey shahnon...lamenye tak dgr khabar :-)
    anyway i highly recommend you to try the food at the restaurant.
    and don't forget to share with me plak! hehe