Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The (not so) Red Hill...

or Bukit Merah (in Malay). That's where we spent our 2D1N with my family (sans my dad who has to work during CNY). We rented a 1-bedroom apt at Suria Service Apt. That's the only unit available since arrangement was made at a very last minute. Man, the place was packed with people of all types! Yang tak reti bahasa badan basah lencun berjalan kat lobi nak naik lif sampai lift pon dah macam swimming pool pon ada. Seb baik takde yang 'shuffle' kat depan orang ramai. Yang anak terberak dalam pool pon ada ok! Ni yang paling tak tahan. Terus hilang mood nak bercanda di tepian pool. Seb baik la keadaan aku tak mengizinkan aku ke dalam pool. Fyuh!! Yang makan buffet dinner amek sampai pinggan menggunung pastu half of the food tak abes pon ada. Man, I tell you these people yang takde etiquette.

Besides those people, I think the management of Bukit Merah has a BIG room to improve on the services. The server/cashier at the food court was very rude. No smile or whatsoever from them. Plus service yang tersangat la lembap. I think it is a shame the malays acted like this. If compared to those Singaporeans (malays) who work in the tourism area, man i tell you they are a lot better in terms of communication skills. Always bersemangat dan senyum sokmo. Orang-orang kita ni tak reti bersyukur, kate my mom. Masa ni la aku setuju sangat quota untuk Bumiputera dihapuskan supaya orang-orang kita ni akan lebih berusaha gigih untuk hidup. No offense but it is the truth. We've been spoon-fed for so long we depends on other people to work our lives better.

Anyway, hubby and I didn't do much there. No orang-utan island, no ecopark, no theme park. The weather didn't permit us to do so. Plus we've been to places greater than this, we think it is such a waste of money to be spent at the red hill. Sorry but if Malaysia improves our tourism activities to be at least on par with our neighbouring countries, i think i would be more than happy to cuti-cuti Malaysia instead of cuti-cuti Asean.

Maybe if the m\i\n\i\s\t\r\y responsible spends the money allocated to them to focus on improving the services rather than come out with new campaign every time a new m\i\n\i\s\t\e\r is appointed, our tourism will be much better than now.

Enjoy the pics...half of the pics is with my sister. Hence no family pics here...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Of long holiday

One full week of holiday next week. Yess!! Aku suka walaupon sebenarnya ade la effect sket2 dkt slip gaji aku. Esok balek Tapah, kenduri kawen cousin. Then bercuti di Bukit Merah dengan my family. Pastu ma macam ajak jalan2 ke tempat lain juga. Hmm...tak tahu la kalo masih ada tempat yang available sbb sume orang pon cuti panjang nih kan. Pastu Hubby patut arrange trip to PD dengan my in-laws early Feb. Hopefully suma orang pon bole join sbb tak penah lagi ni bercuti bersama.

Ahh aku sukakan kehidupan ini!! Kehidupan berkeluarga! I wonder kalo Hubby tiba-tiba dapat kerja yang memaksa kami tinggal berjauhan, cemana la agaknya ek? Tapi takpe kot. Dua2 family pon are just a 30-min drive. Puchong ade adik yang nak layan memasak. Jenjarom ada kanak2 comel itu.

OK, to my dearest Elle bebeh...heartiest congratulations to you!!! muahs muahs!
To everyone, have a wonderful holidays with your love ones.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random facts about Mr. & Mrs. Akmal

  1. Hubby (sangat) tinggi, aku (sangat) rendah. Pakai high heel pon masih berdiri tak sama tinggi.

  2. Hubby is (purely?) Javanese, aku half Banjar, half Javanese (Bannese?). Tapi kami berdua tidak mahir dengan bahasa keturunan kami.

  3. Hubby baru belajar berenang, aku dah mahir berenang sejak kecil (hehe)

  4. Hubby suka travel, aku juga suka travel. Kami sudah ada advance 2 months punya plan.

  5. Hidung Hubby (agak la) mancung, hidung aku kembang (hehe). Hopefully our children akan inherit his nose trait.

  6. Mata Hubby kecil with long eyelashes, mata aku pula bulat with short eyelashes. Hopefully our children akan inherit my eyes with his eyelashes (boleh ke?)

  7. Bibir Hubby agak tebal (sebab Javanese ke?), bibir aku sexy (ni Hubby kate ok). Hopefully our children akan inherit my mouth/lip trait.

  8. Hubby gemarkan dark color (black especially), aku gemarkan warna terang (pink/yellow/orange)

  9. Hubby protective, aku pula semborono orangnya (ade kaitan ke?)

  10. Hubby suka hug & kiss aku setiap pagi sebelum ke kerja, aku pula rasa serabut sbb takut tudung rosak (good excuse ok!hehe)

  11. Yang paling penting, Hubby (sangat) penyabar orangnya, aku pula sebaliknya. Maka terjadi la dialog ini hampir setiap hari.
    “Darling, rileks…”

p/s: darling, I know u akan add in a lot more hehe…

Monday, January 19, 2009

18-01-2009: Wonderful Celebration

Our 1st anniversary and I'm really looking forward for the many more years to come inshaallah.
Lunch at Papa John's Pizza. Hubby got to taste my favorite pizza back in college.
Dinner at Palace of Golden Horses courtesy of Hubby.
Cupcake surprise to Hubby from the bottom of my heart.
Honeymoon's next week. Excited!
Photoshoot output was awesome!

Thank you Allah for the wonderful life!
Thank you Hubby for the neverending love and care!

I LOVE YOU! muahsss!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I feel very sad with what happened in Palestine right now. Seeing all the innocent cute babies with bullet holes all over their body. Seeing all the chaos made by the Zionist entity. I can choose to ignore the situation. Heck, in fact that's what I've been doing for the past few days. Then I received an email. That asked me to put myself in the babies'shoes. Deng! I right away did some research. There's not much I can do over here. Except to keep on praying for peace. And to BOYCOTT ISRAELI PRODUCTS!

So my friends..let us together play our roles to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

pic taken from Utusan Online

Also, this website provides thorough information of the company and brands that associate with the Israel.Go check it out --->

Friday, January 9, 2009

Present for him...

Our 1st anniversary is just around the corner. 10 more days to be precised. Oh teruja yang amat! We've been planning for the day since a month ago (told you we're so excited). Hubby siap ajak buat photo shoot at Star East to commemorate our first anniversary (which btw costs us A LOT!! huhu). Well actually just realized that we don't have a portrait style of photo from our solemnization ceremony. That photo shoot serves as our anniversary gift towards each other.

And so i thought the gift part is already being taken care off. Yesterday, hubby came out with new ideas. Why not spend this Saturday apart and go hunting for gifts. Me to him and him to me. And I'm like whaatt?? Surprise me darling, he said. Alamak! I'm no good at making surprises haha. Really have no idea on what to get for him. Perfume? Mundane. Shirt? also mundane. Gadget? Oh I'm on tight budget huhu. So if you guys have any ideas on what I should get for him, holla at me ya!! TQ in advance ;-)

Btw, hubby is a very simple-minded man who's into cars/computer/gadget/and what not. You know, the usual boy stuff thingy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A crave for sotong kangkung

Venue: Restoren Din Tomyam, Kg. Jawa, Klang

Dah nak masuk sebulan mengidam sotong kangkung. But the dish is not available here in Telok Panglima Garang. One day, I came across this kakak at office who recommended me one of the best place for sotong kangkung. It’s Restoren Din Tomyam in Kg. Jawa, Klang (just across Masjid Dato’Dagang). Hubby and I when to ‘reki’ the way there. On our first attempt, we failed to locate the place. Nak tambah haru lagi, we got lost along the way. So went back home dengan penuh kehampaan. Then I google up din tomyam and came across this
website which provides map to the restaurant. Yatta! Dengan penuh harapan, we drove up there again. Finally we managed to locate the place.

The interior was very nice. Jejak kaki saja ke restoren, terus hubby kate next time we should bring our parents there. I ordered my crave, sotong kangkung. Hubby ordered keuy teow kungfu. To my startle, the sotong kangkung tasted very delicious but not that delicious if compared to the one I had in PJ New Town years ago. Hubby’s keuy teow tasted OK. Overall, I would give 3 stars to the food. We gotta go back there someday and taste other dishes.

Sotong Kangkung

All pictures courtesy of

Monday, January 5, 2009

First day...

at work after one long week off from seeing the Obnoxious Guy (from now on is called the OG).
he took extra days off and left me with a pile of work which is supposed to be his.
and this morning the OG demanded for the work. Bluergh!
not a very good kick start for me.
really hope to just stay at home and be a devoted housewife.

ahh....giddy up Nisa. yeehaaa!!!

btw, in 2009, I vow to make this blog a travel/food/music-review friendly so that when 2010 comes by, I can reflect on my life of 2009.

paham? ahh layan aje la...zasss!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I married a Handy-man...

I'm blissful to be married to such a handy-man :-)
Most of the works around the house is DIY-ed by him
And he kinda proud of the 'achievement' he made so far haha
Wanna know what he's doing currently?
Meracun lalang di halaman rumah
Ahh...rajin sungguh hubby ku ini

Handy-man is my middle name, darling.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

And welcome to you too!!

A new year is here.
So I decided to start anew with my blogging.
So here we are.
I'm switching back to Blogspot.
Purposely because I intend to play around with HTML.
Which I used to do during my college year.
Well let's see if I will have ample time just like before.
For now I'll settle with this skin.

OK time to study HTML.
Toodles peeps!